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CORE VALUES - We will deliver outstanding CUSTOMER SERVICE.

We will always meet or exceed our customers' expectations so that they receive outstanding service. We will always respect our customers and their opinions.

RESPECT & EMPOWER - We will RESPECT and EMPOWER our people.

We will always treat each other with dignity and respect. Each of us is empowered with a job to do, and we will deliver what is expected from us.


excellence is of critical importance to us, we will achieve excellence in all areas of our business.

SUSTAINABLE and SAFE - We will operate a SUSTAINABLE and SAFE company.

Our company must generate sustainable returns that are acceptable to our shareholder. We are, however, a responsible team and will therefore operate our company with the least possible negative impact on our surroundings, the environment and our people. We will implement systems and training, based on safe working practices, to ensure that we are effective and safe at work.

TEAMWORK- We will achieve success through TEAMWORK.

We will act with integrity, honesty and transparency. Together, we will create a culture which is built on communication, trust and unity.



• The key role and operation of the Safety and Environmental Management System at LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "NEFTEBAZA 7” is the commitment to protect the environment, cause no harm to people, and help improve the world towards a lesser-carbon future. And it complies with ISO 14001, GOST (State Standard) R ISO 14001, international and Russian environmental laws and regulations, including industry-specific standards. The company industrial safety policy, a part of the company's safety and environmental policy for hazardous production facilities is based on the governmental industrial safety policy subject to the specifics of the company production operations.

• We put in more efforts by making sure that airborne pollutants are reduced from our operations and the emission of hazardous compounds are limited. The company has developed the In-Process Environmental Monitoring Regulations to perform regular environmental monitoring and measurements. These regulations set out general requirements to the in-process environmental control during the oil refinery operation.


• Our objective in relation to health and safety is to develop and implement projects aimed at the prevention of injuries, emergencies, incidents and also the observance of environmental standards and requirements in accordance with an established procedure. The Industrial Safety Management System was developed to set out the key areas, tasks and requirements of the system, and use to prevent or management incidents at the hazardous production facilities.

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