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LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "NEFTEBAZA 7" (Like The Other Terminal Companies of the Group) Manages Railway Transport of Goods (Especially Minerals and Iron Products) On Behalf of Its Clients. It Relies On 11,000 M of Tracks Serving Its Terminals. The Company Carries Out Loading / Unloading Formalities, Fills in Shipping Documents and Reserves Carriages.

Over The Years, There Has Been a Steady Increase in The Amount of Goods Transported by Rail.

Recently, The Group’s Railway Service Has Purchased a Few “Swap Bodies” For Bulk Cargo Transport, Replacing Traditional Railway Wagons. This Allowed to Skip an Intermediate Loading/Unloading Operation, Leading to Shorter Times in Transferring Goods to Their Final Destination.

Railway transport oil delivered goods of all kinds, including and liquefied petroleum gases in tanks, silos or containers easy. Mainly used for transporting petroleum products small batches, primarily oils, bitumen and others. In large oil Throughput steady use of this kind is not economically feasible. Versatile, it can carry out transport links between most points in oil production and its consumption by means of an extensive network of trunk and branch lines and rolling stock; It has a high total bandwidth; It provides uniformity of supply throughout the year; path length of pipeline transport, but short of water. Disadvantages: tank empty runs; limited bandwidth of the route; the need to create handling of oil devices, platforms and oil storage facilities at the shipping point and reception of oil cargo; relatively large losses during transportation and congestion.

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